Lyra Eri

Cryaotic Artist Masterpost by LyraEri

With Cry included in this Masterpost, along with the artist of the fandom, including me, since well, merely my reference was the ‘Cryaotic Artist’ post I made last 2013.

The artist included here are: (gonna start imagining power names. XD)

Kiwa, the Mistress of Ice.

Lunast, the Nightwing.

Lyra, the Void Wielder.

Nadi, the Mistress of Air.

Martini, the Mistress of Earth.

Mex, the Mistress of Flame.

Gabbi, the Telekinetic.

and finally,

Cryaotic, the Electrical Despair

Sorry if the pics posted here are not in correct order! :(

Hope ya like it fellow artists and fandom mates! :3

This is also uploaded to my dA account so feel free to leave a fave and a comment it will make my day! :D

Note: I will be opening up Commissions on my dA account regarding this! Can’t wait to work with you! :D Visit my dA, note me, and I’ll reply back if ever. :) 

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